Meeting Photos

If you were at a meeting, then these should look at least vaguely familiar. If you weren’t, here’s some of what you missed!

July 2017

Dave, Jeane, Warren, Ron, Rob
©Thomas Ritter

Rob Sketcherman
©Thomas Ritter

Warren and the iPad
©Thomas Ritter

Arch Angel Antique
©Thomas Ritter

©Thomas Ritter

©Thomas Ritter


June 2017

Warren Hiding Ron
©Thomas Ritter

Dave vertical
©Thomas Ritter

Andrew Hiding Ron
©Thomas Ritter

©Thomas Ritter


April 2017

Dave Pontificating
©Thomas Ritter

And Chris Was There
©Thomas Ritter

Leonard Leading the Safari©Thomas Ritter

The Safarists©Thomas Ritter

Warren, dapper©Jeane Harris


June 2015

Dave and Marilyn
©Thomas Ritter

©Thomas Ritter

The Audience
©Thomas Ritter


May 2015

Warren, Ron, and AppleSTEMs©Thomas Ritter

Warren, Ron, and Dave©Thomas Ritter

Dave's Apple Watch©Thomas Ritter


April 2015

Dave and Warren©Thomas Ritter

Dave, Ron, and Warren©Thomas Ritter

Mo! and Sean©Thomas Ritter

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